Wanda Metropolitano


In early 2019, the works on the Olympic Park located a few meters from the Wanda Metropolitano stadium began. Since then, its landscape has gradually changed to become a major greenspace of the Community of Madrid.

A reorganization of the urban spaces has been carried out, in addition to the creation of new, more sustainable and healthier areas.

A new landscape full of life with large fountains, playgrounds and trails and paths that invite to be walked.

With the execution of this space, our company was awarded as Best Public Work in the Roads of Madrid 2020 Awards, by the College of Roads, Canals and Ports of Madrid.





Space management and integration into the urban environment.

Creation of pedestrian paths, recreational areas, rest, leisure and play areas.

Creation of ornamental fountains.

Planting of trees and shrubs, installation of irrigation network.

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