Madrid Río


Madrid Río was a project carried out in the Community of Madrid, which completely changed the landscape of the M-30 highway, becoming all this area a fresh greenspace.

Recovering the banks of the Manzanares River, which where surrounded by the M-30 highway, this project made a new reorganization of the urban spaces and create new and more sustainable and healthier areas.

The project stood out for its great ecological value, as it recovered the forests near the city, creating a continuous system of green areas structured along the river.

The works began in 2006 and were carried out until 2012, providing the area with different landscape units with their own identity, in which our company participated to a large extent.





We highlight different areas of our performance within the overall project:

Huerta de la partida landscaping.

Matadero Area Landscaping

Segovia Bridge Gardens.

Landscaping and forestry works in Nudo Sur area

Pine tree hall.

Gardens around sports courts.

Vírgen del Puerto Gardens.

Adaptation of Madrid Río project.

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