In order to tree trimming, cutting and pruning with total guarantee, we comply with all relevant urban and/or environmental regulations as well as any necessary legal documentation.

We take responsibility for requesting all necessary permits to the City Council or corresponding Administration including detailed phytosanitary reports of each species.

Additionally, we handle the inventory of trees to be included in work projects, we carry out tree valuation and we manage compensatory measures for tree replacement.

Another of our tasks as an environmental consultant focuses on the management and disposal of plant waste, avoiding any undesirable environmental impact . We elaborate specific wate plans, always following the order of prevention, preparation for reuse, recycling, valorization and disposal.



Most demanded services:

Detailed phytosanitary studies with the characteristics of the trees and the proposal to be carried out (pruning/felling/transplanting).

Inventory of trees.

Application and follow-up of felling permits.

Compensatory measures: replacement of trees required for felled trees. Supply in municipal nurseries.

Tree reports.

Management and removal of waste plants, including reservation of space on public roads for containers.

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